A new certification program from Google for mobile web developers

Mobile Web Specialist Certification Budge

Heads up guys! Google has just launched a new certification program for mobile web developers. The complete name of certification exam is Mobile Web Specialist Certification and if you have been building mobile web apps then this is your chance to show off your skills and become Google Certified Mobile Web Specialist :).

Those who pass the certification exam will get a digital badge which you can display on your resume, website, Google profile and if you are a freelance mobile web apps developer you can also put it on your business card which should help influence the decision of your potential customers to chose you for their project.

Take Mobile Web Specialist Certification Exam

If you feel you are ready to take the certification exam right away, you can follow the below link which will also tell you a bit more about the cost of certification and the process you will need to go through.


Study Guide for Mobile Web Specialist Certification

Google has also made available a study guide to help us better prepare for the exam. The guide lists the competency areas and individual competencies against which we will be tested.

Below is the content of the study guide at the moment but it might change over the time and you better book mark the page to be able to visit it from time to time to make sure you always have the up to date information.

You can download the Study Guide by opening the below URL in your browser window:


Study guide content

  • Basic Website Layout and Styling
  • Front End Networking
  • Accessibility
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Performance Optimization and Caching
  • Testing and Debugging
  • ES2015 Concepts and Syntax
  • Mobile Web Forms

Online Study Resources: Tutorials and Video Lessons

Build Progressive Web Apps

Build for all devices and users

Improve the user experience


Become Cross Platform Mobile App Developer. Video Courses.

The below list of video courses will help you speed up your learning progress to become a Cross Platform Mobile App Developer. I tried to shortlist video courses that cover different technologies like Angular 4, Ionic framework, Xarmin and React Native but an important note here is that many of these do not directly help you prepare for the Google certification exam but rather to learn how to build cross platform mobile applications by using popular technologies.

I hope this blog post is of some value to you and will help you better prepare for the new Google’s Mobile Web Specialist certification exam and learn other technologies that will help you to become a Full Stack and Cross Platform Mobile App Developer.

Lot’s of learning a head :)!

Happy learning!


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