Swift Class Extension Example

In this short Swift code example, we will learn how new functionality to using Swift class using the class extension.

  • Declare an object of String data type and add to it our own custom function,
  • Add our own function to an existing Int class in Swift

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import UIKit

class ViewController: UIViewController {
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // Declare String value
        let firstName:String = "Sergey"

        // Declare Int value
        let intNumber:Int=5
        // Call the "takeAway()" function we have extended the Int class with: 
        print("5 take away 4 equals \(intNumber.takeAway(4))")
        // Call the greatTheWorld() function we have extended the String class with

// Extend the String class in Swift
extension String {
    func greatTheWorld() {
         print("Hello world")

// Extend the Int class in Swift
extension Int {
    func takeAway(a:Int)->Int {
        return self-a;

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